Recoding Art

About the Film


On an October evening, the digital media researcher Gabriel Pereira sent an e-mail to Brazilian artist Bruno Moreschi. The message marked the beginning of a research that involved creating an unprecedented platform that centralized 7 comercial Artificial Intelligences to read the collection of Van Abbemuseum, a Dutch museum of contemporary art. In the results, Moreschi and Pereira looked for glitches, errors and unexpected readings by the AIs – but they also encountered algorithms that nivelate the artistic subjectivity to the capitalist logic. Underpinning it all was the crucial but invisible labour of Amazon Mechanical Turkers.

A research by Bruno Moreschi and Gabriel Pereira. Short Film, HD, 14’32”, 2019.

World Premiere: IDFA 2019, as part of the Competition for Short Documentary. Also exhibited at IDFA DocLab.
French Premiere: Videoformes, Clermont-Ferrand.
Brazilian Premiere: Festival É Tudo Verdade / It’s All True, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.
USA Premiere: Aspen ShortsFest, Aspen.
UK Premiere: i-Docs, Bristol.
Canadian Premiere: Hot Docs, Toronto.


A research article on the short film will be published on the Deviant Practice publication (late 2019). Pre-print PDF

Recoding Art
Directors: Bruno Moreschi and Gabriel Pereira
Country of Production: Brazil
Year of production: 2019
Duration: 14’32”
Editing: Luara Oliveira
Production: Fernanda Pessoa / Pessoa Produções
Cinematography: Rodrigo Levy
Graphic design: Guilherme Falcão
Animation: Ricardo Monteiro
Sound: David Menezes
Soundtrack: Wolfgang von Kempelen
Color correction: Isabela Moura

This project was supported by Deviant Practice Grant (Van Abbemuseum) and
the Center for Arts, Design, and Social Research (CAD+SR).